Today's Citizens Making Winfield Better for Future

Article excerpt

Byline: Marylou Crane

The village hall rehabilitation project has begun.

In case you're wondering what happened to the trees and bushes that were adjacent to the police department, you can find them beautifying other areas of town such as Winfield Road near the school.

The initial construction of the clock tower will begin soon. The clock tower is being funded with the proceeds of the 75th Jubilee Committee's events. No tax dollars will be used for this beautiful gift to the future residents of Winfield from the residents of today.

If you'd like to be a part of this gift, you can support the efforts of the 75th Jubilee volunteers. The group is planning a dinner dance Aug. 10, golf outing on Sept. 9 and a fashion show on Sept. 29.

For more information or tickets, call the Jubilee Hot Line at (708) 585-4262 or village hall at (708) 665-1778.

Martha Ingram also is looking for participants for the re-enactment of the first village board meeting. Call village hall and volunteer.

Let's get behind the efforts of the Jubilee Committee to continue to develop the future of Winfield by celebrating our history.

Downtown work

The Jewell Road improvements are moving into their final stages, and the renovations at John's Buffet are propelling toward completion.

Meanwhile, Main Street Winfield is working on the Village Green Park adjacent to village hall. Soon we will have a beautiful, functional downtown area - hopefully just in time for Good Old Days and the transition to Lake Michigan water.

Work to bring lake water to the village is on schedule, and the new water tower is nearly complete.

Home inspections

Winfield is continuing with the home inspection program to reduce residential sewer costs. Phase III, which will cover the area south of the tracks and east of Winfield Road, has begun. …