Village Gives More Officers Shot at Supervisory Position

Article excerpt

Byline: Vince Galloro Daily Herald Staff Writer

With the retirement of a long-serving police commander set for this month, the Streamwood Police Department is looking for more than a few good men to apply for the supervisory position.

The impending departure of Cmdr. Dennis LaFrana, a 27-year veteran of the department, was the impetus for a new village ordinance that allows officers who are eligible to take the sergeant's exam to also test for the commander position.

Police Chief Gary D. O'Rourke said the change makes as many as 20 patrol officers eligible to test for the spot, in addition to the four sergeants on the force.

"If one or more (of the sergeants) decided they weren't interested, you're cutting your pool of applicants down," O'Rourke said.

He added that it doesn't hurt to provide testing practice to patrol officers, since it may help them test for promotions in the future.

Trustees William Canady, William Carlson, James Cecille and David Stoves voted for the ordinance, while trustees William Harper and Patricia Langenstrass voted against the measure, saying they preferred stricter standards. …