Knicks Organize Search Party to Round Up Starks' Rhythm

Article excerpt

Byline: Mike McGraw Daily Herald Sports Writer

It wasn't hard to identify what was missing for the Knicks on Sunday - any kind of offense from John Starks.

The Knicks shooting guard apparently left his shooting touch in Cleveland.

In game one against the Bulls, Starks scored just 4 points - all at the foul line - and was 0-for-9 from the field in 39 minutes of action.

In New York's first-round sweep of the Cavaliers, Starks was the team's top scorer at 19.7 points, while knocking down 14-of-22 3-point shots.

"They didn't take me out of the game," Starks said. "I just didn't shoot well. I wasn't in rhythm. It's one game, one game, simple as that. We're looking forward to Game Two."

"Sometimes it's make or miss," said Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy. "He missed tonight. He hit in Cleveland. Sometimes you have to live with it."

"John will bounce back," predicted backcourt-mate Derek Harper. "He's the kind of competitor who will come back Tuesday night ready to play."

- Michael Jordan wasn't the only guard struggling through an injury on Sunday.

While Jordan nursed a sore back, Knicks point guard Derek Harper played through a neck injury he suffered late in the first quarter. …