In the Air

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Tube talk: The old sweeps-month TV news adage that "if it bleeds it leads" has been replaced by a new one: "If it's got anything to do with the Bulls, push everything else to the back burner." That's the modus operandi at WMAQ Channel 5, anyway, where the Bulls - and even a feature on one fanatic who has decorated his entire house in Bulls memorabilia - led the 10 p.m. newscast Wednesday. It's true, WBBM Channel 2 was horning in on 'MAQ's "exclusive" rights to Dennis Rodman by airing a series on the Worm's formative years last week, but at least 'BBM led the late news that night with Pam Zekman's report that a South Side man just happened to have confessed to 10 murders. WLS Channel 7 also led with the confession. That was one instance in which a bleeding item deserved to lead the newscast.

- CLTV's "Good Eating" has been named best local TV cooking show in the nation by the James Beard Foundation. …