7 Bloomingdale Artists in Contest

Article excerpt

Byline: Adeline Dobbins

The works of seven Bloomingdale artists were accepted into the juried fine arts competition and exhibition sponsored by the Bloomingdale Park District Museum.

Two judges spent several hours examining each of the 110 entries to determine which pieces would be accepted for Fine Arts Showcase IV.

When the final decisions were made, 40 entries were selected. The artists come from communities throughout northern Illinois including Aurora, Elmhurst, Schaumburg and Park Ridge. Among the accepted works were seven created by Bloomingdale artists.

Sanaa Ezzat entered a watercolor painting titled "Fantasy" depicting flowers and leaves in a semi-abstract colorful style. Her work is a striking demonstration of technical control combined with free-form style.

Craig Kodzinski, who is a first-time exhibitor at the museum, entered an oil painting titled "Mount Zion." The detailed landscape is done in a realistic style and depicts a majestic vista of a mountain and the surrounding terrain.

Sculptor and painter Paula Koczkowski-Luberda is an experienced exhibitor; two of her pieces are in the exhibition. Introspective and emotional, her work explores social, gender and personal issues in a singular style. Her sculpture "Divergence" depicts two figures with their backs to one another separated by a screen. Representative of the disparity between men and women, it makes a global statement on the inability to communicate. Her oil painting, "Watchers/Seekers," contains various scenarios depicting distinct emotional states of people's lives - sadness, loneliness and isolation - all in one painting. …