Finding the Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

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Byline: Allison Kaplan Daily Herald Staff Writer

Your mother already has enough picture frames to outlast a lifetime of snapshots. You just bought her yet another sweater for Christmas, and last Mother's Day, it was the bottle of perfume that still sits unopened on her dresser.

Now it's that time again - time to show your mom just how much you care and say thanks for the million little things she does for you throughout the year.

But finding the perfect gift that sends a message of love and thoughtfulness - keeping in mind that Mom's interests probably roam beyond kitchen gadgets - is not always so easy.

Mother's Day is just 10 days away. To help ease the "meaningful gift" anxiety we've all experienced around one occasion or another, here are some creative gift ideas Mom is sure to love. And better yet, you can uncover these items right near home at Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee.

- Toast Mother's Day with a personalized bottle of wine, sure to make Mom feel special. At The Connoisseur at Spring Hill Mall, you can craft your own label to affix to any bottle of wine or champagne in the store. And if you need some help coming up with the perfect words, choose from a whole book of special labels like, "A Vintage Toast to Mom," with her children's names listed as the "official selection committee."

And the fun need not end with bubbly. The Connoisseur offers a selection of personalized gift boxes that, along with a bottle of wine, include other goodies like a candle and potpourri, lotions and creams or a vase with flowers. All are sure to indulge a most deserving mother.

Prices range from a $23.95 for a bottle of champagne, gift box and personalized label to $54.20 to a full gift set with lotions and all the trimmings.

- For Moms who prefer coffee over wine, That Cook 'n' Coffee Place in the mall is just the spot.

Assistant manager Connie Torres said the charm of pre-wrapped gift baskets has gone the way of the hula hoop. What's hot for Mother's Day this year are the presents you create yourself - with a little help from the merchandise experts, naturally.

"People always think of kitchen items, but moms would rather kick back. They want something other than for cooking," Torres said.

So why not put your mom on the receiving end of the tasty treats? Choose from a host of gourmet foods, coffees and teas to concoct a gift basket made just with your mom in mind.

From a Southwest theme basket with salsas, chips and chili to a picnic theme complete with ice cream dishes and toppings - there's something for mothers of all tastes and styles, Torres said. …