Paint-a-Thon Volunteers Give Seniors a Hand

Article excerpt

Byline: Melissa Ramsdell Daily Herald Staff Writer

If you're handy with a paintbrush or your house could use a touch up, the Paint-a-thon people are at it again this year.

They're taking applications from senior citizens who would like to have their houses painted. Teams of volunteers also are signing up for the Sixth Annual Greater Cardunal Area Paint-a-thon, set for Sept. 14.

"We're always looking for helpers," said Jane Berry, a McWhorter Technologies employee who was active in last year's Paint-a-thon.

The event teams community volunteers with local seniors who can't afford to hire painters or are unable to do the work themselves. Last year, painters worked on 26 houses. Since the program began in 1991, more than 2,000 people have helped with nearly 90 homes.

The deadline for people to apply to have their house painted is June 30.

"The people we help are generally on a fixed income, they're elderly and they can't do the work themselves," Berry said.

Berry has done the Paint-a-thon for the past three years. Last year McWhorter had three teams painting houses; they plan to add another team this year.

McWhorter employee Pat Stewart worked to get the program off the ground five years ago. McWhorter, which manufactures paint resins, is a main sponsor for paint-a-thon, donating paint, brushes and other supplies. …