Seniors Take Tests to Get Head Start at College

Article excerpt

Byline: Rory Eastburg

For seniors at Libertyville High School, May symbolizes the end of four long years of high school. At this time, many students see few responsibilities left for them at Libertyville and seem to be waiting to graduate.

However, for a large portion of seniors and also juniors, the coming of May means that work is just beginning.

For these students who have signed up to take one or more Advanced Placement tests, vacation has to wait until the tests are over.

Advanced Placement tests are designed to give students college credit for subjects studied while in high school. The tests are given at the college level and cover all topics learned in the course.

Each test lasts three hours, and each student receives a score from 1 to 5. Most schools will give credit for a 4 or a 5 on an Advanced Placement test, and many others will give some credit for a score of 3.

Many students who take the tests take classes that specifically serve as test preparation. However, some classes serve as after-school study sessions, such as the bi-weekly Advanced Placement psychology preparation course taught by psychology teacher John Estep. Students also join a student-run study group to prepare to take the Comparative Government test.

Though the idea of voluntarily signing up to take a comprehensive college-level test may sound silly, students involved in the Advanced Placement program realize there are real benefits to take the tests.

For some, getting college credit early will give them more freedom in college. …