Dist. 95 Makes Commitment to Develop New Curriculum

Article excerpt

Byline: Timothy S. Rooney Daily Herald Staff Writer

Large scale school changes take time and money and Lake Zurich Unit District 95 is using both to provide students with a more exciting academic environment.

While students may be enjoying lazy summer days, teachers, staff and parents will be busy this year.

The board approved up to $60,000, a 451 percent increase from two year's ago, to write new and rewrite old curriculum that will be put in action over the next two years.

Last year the board approved $40,000 for the same program. Both are dramatic increases from the $1,300 allocated two year's ago to review textbooks.

Sharon Kramer, assistant superintendent for curriculum, brought the review system with her when she joined the district three years ago.

"There was a review cycle that consisted of looking at new textbooks," Kramer said. "Now they look at skills and objectives" and books.

Reviewing textbooks only was a more traditional model of the program that occurred every few years. The new program looks at curriculum such as language, math and science, each year doing different things for five years before the cycle turns over. …