High School Students Get Real Life Experience with Mock Wedding

Article excerpt

Byline: Timothy S. Rooney Daily Herald Staff Writer

It was anything but a traditional wedding.

The bride was chosen after names were drawn from a hat and the best man filled in for the groom because he missed class.

It was all part of a lesson for a group of 20 Lake Zurich High School seniors who got an early and important lesson in wedding planning.

"At the end, they made several comments that it (the planning) was a real pain in the neck," Adult Living class instructor Sandy Serafin said.

It was Serafin, a seven year veteran at the school, who proposed the idea after taking over the class this year. She even went as far as helping one student decorate the wedding cake at her home.

Students in the class were given different responsibilities including wedding coordinator, bride, groom, usher and attendant.

Students also solicited the services of a couple of relatives who acted as a flower girl and ring bearer.

Standing up in the wedding was one of the many roles. Others were involved by decorating, catering, providing music and designing the program.

"If I remember what I learned by the time I get married it will probably help," said senior Regina Mizerka, 17. "It will help in making plans for a wedding."

Serafin saw some additional benefits of the experience.

"You have to be flexible and these kids learned several instances of being flexible," Serafin said. "They really worked well together as a unit."

The actual ceremony performed by Assistant Principal Dennis Kreeger was brief and a reception followed for the more than 100 guests. …