Battle over High School Boundaries Heads to School Board

Article excerpt

Byline: Dan Culloton Daily Herald Staff Writer

Now it's the school board's turn.

After two years of planning, information gathering and map making, Elgin Area Unit District 46's Citizens Advisory Council formally agreed Thursday to send a controversial high school boundary plan to the school board.

The council voted overwhelmingly but not unanimously in favor of the proposal, known as Plan H, crafted by its enrollment and facilities committee in several raucous and contentious cartography sessions since December.

The council, comprised of representatives from the district's schools, voted 25 to 8 with two abstentions to move the plan to the school board.

Board members could see the proposal May 20 and vote on it on June 17.

Council members applauded after the vote that ended their involvement in the boundary-making process.

"The committee worked very hard this year and went through some tough times," said Warren Tejes, advisory council chairman.

Plan H, however, will not be the only enrollment map the school board sees.

The village of Bartlett has crafted its own two plans that would send all students from Bartlett to Bartlett High School. …