District 26 Officials Will Add Details to Proposed Budget

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Byline: Dwayne T. Wong Daily Herald Staff Writer

River Trails Elementary District 26 officials will include written explanations of some spending with the proposed 1996-97 budget so the public can more easily understand the document.

District 26 officials Thursday said they would provide brief written explanations of categories where spending exceeded $50,000 or 100 percent of what was originally allocated.

"I think it's a good thing to do," Superintendent Shirley F. Smalley said.

Board member Bill Wheatley asked Smalley if some of the budget information could be "footnoted."

District officials said the proposed budget document will show that the school system is expected to spend less for the coming fiscal year than is projected under the school system's five-year financial plan.

"If it (spending) jumped, but we're on our target, I think those expectations are coming true," said Al Engberg, vice president of the District 26 board.

Under the proposed 1996-97 budget, the district will spend $19 million and have a shortfall of $1. …