Check Price, Conditions If Home Is Selling Slow

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What should you do if your house won't sell?

Unless market conditions are very poor, the failure of the home to sell within about six months usually indicates a problem - usually with the price and sometimes with the condition, or both.

The most common reason for a property not selling is price. A house priced correctly from the start captures the interest of Realtors and buyers, while overpricing a home chases them away. Even if the seller drops the price later, once buyers and Realtors have lost interest, it is tough getting them back.

The second culprit in a slow sale is the condition and appearance of a house. Sellers shouldn't rely on buyers to use their imagination; they need to capture it. Remember that a buyer may see six or seven other homes in the same day - they will remember the house that seems the brightest, the most spacious, the most cheerful. This almost always means rearranging and eliminating furniture, removing excess knickknacks, etc., to create a simple, streamlined look. A Realtor can usually help with suggestions. …