Board Pushes for 23 Traffic Signals

Article excerpt

Byline: Karen Kutz Daily Herald Correspondent

New traffic signals will sprout like tulips in spring if a Naperville group has its way.

The city's Transportation Advisory Board is recommending the city install signals at 23 intersections over the next two years to improve traffic flow.

Three of them would be placed along Chicago Avenue at Columbia, Brainard and Sleight streets, changing the face of one of the city's oldest residential neighborhoods.

TAB member Terry Kirch suggested those particular lights should be designed in an "aesthetically pleasing" way that would match the neighborhood's character.

Fred Ranck, city traffic engineer, said the first step in establishing any traffic signal plan will be to hire an engineer to make additional recommendations.

The signals along Chicago are needed, in part, because of the potential safety hazards for North Central College students crossing the busy road, Ranck said.

Their importance will be magnified if the city council approves plans for a multi-screen movie theater and a large book store at the corner of Chicago and Washington, he said.

Ranck said all 23 intersections were selected by TAB based on traffic volume studies or projected volumes that meet or exceed the minimum level of traffic needed to warrant a signal. …