East Dundee May Hop Downtown Revitalization Band Wagon

Article excerpt

Byline: Gerard Dziuba Daily Herald Assistant City Editor

East Dundee trustees may ride on their western neighbors' coattails and take advantage of the Illinois Main Street program to help their business district.

In the coming weeks, East Dundee staff members will contact merchants to see if they are interested in taking part in the revitalization program.

"If we do take part, it would include both our business districts," East Dundee Village Administrator David Smith said. "Unlike West Dundee, our larger district is not on Route 72 but River Street. About 90 East Dundee businesses along both streets could be involved."

Under terms of the Illinois Main Street program, local merchants and officials form a board that decides how best to market and rebuild their business districts. Merchants and officials contribute money, which is spent on promotional campaigns and a design consultant who looks at the current buildings.

A state business consultant who works with the program is loaned to East and West Dundee. …