Elgin Council Rewards Helwig Manager Gets Raise, Praise for Bringing Organization to City

Article excerpt

Byline: Eric Krol Daily Herald Staff Writer

Ed Schock remembers the extent of the city's long-range planning when he started serving on the Elgin City Council three years ago.

The city had a rough outline of a capital development plan, he said, but not much else in the way of looking toward the future.

When City Manager Richard Helwig arrived from Dayton, Ohio, to take the helm two years ago, he immediately held a series of meetings and helped council members generate a five-year plan.

As a result, Schock, like the other six council members, said he feels the city is generally headed in the right direction.

"The five-year plan allows us to be proactive rather than reactive," Schock said. "We're not careening from issue to issue."

Meeting behind closed doors, the council voted Wednesday night to give Helwig a 3 percent raise this year. The increase brings the annual salary of the city's top executive to $116,346.

Council members still are privately debating which criteria should be used to judge Helwig's performance. …