Area Technical Writers Sharpen Writing Skills of Local Students

Article excerpt

Byline: Alysia Tate Daily Herald Staff Writer

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches definitely do not include pickles.

And be sure not to spread anything on to the bottom slices of your bread.

They may seem like simple instructions, but a group of students at Lincoln Elementary School in Palatine recently learned that showing someone how to do something can be harder than it sounds.

It's a familiar challenge for Andrea Dunn, technical writer specialist for Motorola's cellular infrastructure group in Arlington Heights. That's why she decided to help children get a head start.

"They're learning about the writing process as they do this," Dunn said, as students shuffled strips of printed instructions.

Since last year, she and several other Motorola staff members have helped students in Grayslake Elementary District 46 sharpen their technical writing skills. This was their first visit to Palatine Township Elementary District 15.

She hopes their visits will help introduce students to the growing world of technical writing, which teaches the public how to perform certain tasks. …