Students Praise Their Schools Catholic School Week Sparks Appreciation for Learning

Article excerpt

It's Catholic School Week and a time of celebration at DuPage County's 33 Catholic elementary schools and five high schools.

As part of the observance, the Daily Herald asked seventh-graders at St. Irene Catholic School in Warrenville and elementary students at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School in Lisle to tell us what they like about their schools.

Here's some of what they had to say:

I like my Catholic school because it gives me a chance to get close to God. I get to go to church every Wednesday and sing in the choir. If I didn't go to this school, I wouldn't have the friends I have, nor the great activities that I do ...

I am grateful that God gave us the power to get this school started. I thank all my teachers who slowly moved me into loving this school and everyone in it. But most of all, I thank God because without Him, or Jesus, there wouldn't be such a thing as a Catholic school.

- Mike Trogdon, 5th grade

St. Joan of Arc

Being educated in a school that emphasizes morality, spirituality and educational excellence prepares you for life. When you attend a Catholic school you are offered new opportunities and a new way to look at life.

Attending a Catholic school is what keeps kids off the street. I bet that most people in gangs or those who didn't get a complete, well-rounded education never went to a Catholic school.

- Nicholas Beis, 7th grade

St. Irene

I like Catholic school because I like learning about stories like, "The Good Samaritan" and "Two Brave Women."

My favorite thing about religion class is when we write in our notebooks and then glue in pictures. We did this when we were learning about the life of Jesus.

I feel that if you are able to go to church two times a week like we do, on Sundays and Wednesdays, we will really become better Christians.

- Bridge Noonan, 4th grade

St. Joan of Arc

One reason I'm glad I go to a Catholic school is all the attention I get. If I ever need help I know I can either ask the teachers or the students and they are willing to give me help.

Also I like it that just about everybody is friends with everybody. There is not a lot of dislike. Just about everybody knows everybody well.

I also like the education. The teachers know you better and they know what your best is. They know if you are trying your best and what you can do to improve yourself.

The most important thing I like about going to a Catholic school is that I can express my feelings toward God, and my classmates will respect that. I can also pray to God aloud any time I want to. We also can learn about God and Jesus and how we can be more like them.

- Meghan Miller, 7th grade

St. Irene

I'm glad I attend a Catholic school because, first of all, the teachers are great. They understand the needs of a growing child and know the way we feel about certain things.

They also teach us to stand up for what we believe in, but to stay open to all beliefs.

Second, I enjoy the closeness of the school. Most Catholic schools are small, and ours is no exception. Everyone in St. Irene's is our friend and we know that there is always someone close by that we can rely on to be there for us.

- Eden Laurin, 7th grade

St. Irene

I like St. Joan of Arc School because it brings us closer to God and to our families ...

Catholic schools are great because they are "special" and stand out. Although we have larger classes, we have Focus teachers and aides to take out small groups.

Large classes also mean we have the opportunity to make many friends. When I think of "Catholic Schools" I don't think of them as "schools" but rather as a "family" joined together by God.

- Sarah Gerke, 5th grade

St. Joan of Arc

As Catholic students, we often hear the question, "Do you like wearing uniforms? …