Canadian Quintet Sweetens Comedy in 'Brain Candy'

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Byline: P.S. Colbert Daily Herald Correspondent

"Kids in the Hall:

Brain Candy"

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Written by Norm Hiscock, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson. Produced by Lorne Michaels. Directed by Kelly Makin. A Paramount Release. Rated R. 89 minutes


   The Kids In the Hall   David Foley
      Bruce McCulloch
      Kevin McDonald
      Mark McKinney
      Scott Thompson

Hear ye, hear ye: Cut out the caffeine and pitch out your Prozac.

The new drug of choice has arrived and those hip to this hilarious high are calling it "Brain Candy."

Better known as Gleemonex around the halls of Roritor Pharmaceuticals, this little wonder pill yields 100 percent effectiveness in curing clinical depression by invoking only the happiest of memories stored within the angst-addled minds of its patients.

Among them is kindly old Mrs. Hurdicure (Scott Thompson) who claims she "hasn't felt this good since they said it's nonmalignant."

Chemical enhancement ala Gleemonex also helps liberate homosexual family man Wally Terzinski (Thompson) who bursts through the closet door and marches out onto Main Street, where the neighborhood joins him for a lavish musical number that celebrates his outing.

Once a snarling, spitting musical hate monger, Grivo (Bruce McCulloch) rides the orange capsule straight to the top of the pop charts with the anthemic "Happiness Pie."

This particular development begs the question: If Kurt Cobain had discovered such a cure, would his fans have been satisfied with such sunny melodies? …