Girls Softball Travel Team in the Works

Article excerpt

Byline: Allison Kaplan Daily Herald Staff Writer

The Streamwood Girls Softball Association wants to form a travel team to provide more challenging play for high school-age athletes.

Association officials are just beginning to research the possibility of forming a more competitive team that would start playing in summer 1997. The idea was initiated by complaints from some high school players who say they don't feel challenged by the existing program, softball board Secretary Ken Fetgatter said.

When the idea was presented to the park board at a recent meeting, some commissioners said they had reservations about supporting a competitive program that might exclude some players.

Fetgatter made clear that the new team would not replace any existing teams that give all players a chance, and added that the association has not even decided if tryouts would be part of the process.

But before the association gets further into planning for the travel team, softball leaders said they want to know what rights they have with the district, in terms of establishing a new program and possibly proceeding without park board approval. …