Audio-Visual Department Makes Itself Heard in Lisle

Article excerpt

Byline: Judy Loftus

The Lisle Public Library is full of books and periodicals, but did you know that it has one of the area's best audio-visual departments?

The audio-visual department at the Lisle Library is actually five different collections. The major thrust is in music on compact discs with a small collection of cassette tapes of soundtracks and pop music.

There also is a remarkable collection of audio books, both abridged and unabridged. They include mysteries, general fiction and nonfiction, and they are arranged in Dewey Decimal order, the same way that nonfiction books are arranged.

The audio-visual department includes song books and scores.

"We have a nice collection of opera scores. They're not orchestra scores. They're the vocal reduction where you have the aria with the piano accompaniment," says Doris Williams, director of the audio-visual department. "They get used particularly during the lyric opera season. We have a special display of the operas that the lyric does each season."

This department is responsible for the framed art prints found at the Lisle Library. There are about 400 prints, which include a representative collection of the old masters, impressionists and some contemporaries.

The department's collection also includes videos - children's videos, movies and an assortment of nonfiction videos, which include "how to" videos, exercise tapes, travel tapes and documentaries.

The audio-visual department is a separate room with its own check-out desk and loan periods. It was created in 1988 when the addition was built onto the old library. …