IDC Says Corporate Portals Set to Take Off

Article excerpt

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A., 2001 JAN 12 (NB) -- By Sylvia Dennis, Newsbytes. The latest issue of International Data Corp's eBusiness Trends e-letter says that the recent explosion in company intranets will be followed by a similar surge in the number of company Web portals.

The question remains, however, as to whether the portals will offer a true level of integration with company business processes, or whether they will remain "skin deep."

IDC bases its prediction on the fact that, as at the end of 1999, two- thirds of US organizations had intranets in place. This figure, the research organizations says, is rising and, by the end of 2001, it expects that more than half of US organizations will have corporate Web portals installed - up from 18 percent as at the end of 1999.

IDC adds that larger companies are more likely to have intranets than smaller companies.

The research firm states, in its report entitled "Extending Information Throughout the Enterprise: Portals, Browsers, and Intranet Adoption Trends," that, in general, companies devote more of their intranet spending on internal resources than on external products and services,

In 1999, IDC says, the early adopters were the communications sector, "other services," and government. …