Shutterbugs Find Focus through Area Clubs

Article excerpt

Byline: Sena Krieg

Image means everything to Jan and Don Seagraves. The image in the viewfinder, that is.

The busy Lombard couple both enjoy the status of president at the moment: Jan, of the Lombard Camera Club, Don, of the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association.

As they speak of this involvement it's obvious the shutterbugs enjoy their volunteer work to the fullest. It's also apparent that status in their case means work and dedication. They have definite goals for their individual clubs and help each other attain them.

Don served two terms as president of the Lombard club and remains an active member. Last fall he and Jan came up with the idea of a beginning photographer's seminar open to the public as a means to implement Jan's goal of increasing the Lombard club's membership. Don designed and presented the five programs, which resulted in 15 new members joining the club.

Beefing up CACCA's membership is his major goal.

"Club memberships are increasingly affected by the many demands on people's time. With Jan's help, she handles publicity, we've recruited more than 100 prospects for CACCA's 34 clubs since last September. …