A Big Wet Kiss

Article excerpt

East is not merely meeting West these days, it is panting like a lusty lover. One object of all the ardor pulsating across the Iron Curtain is the Iron Lady, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Here, for example, is Poland's Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski on the su"We are full of admiration for Mrs. Thatcher, for the reason that she has pursued such a consistent and aggressive economic policy." This rapture was fully shared by Poland's Prime Minister, Mieczyslaw Rakowski, who said he would "very much like to be a pupil in [Thatcher's] school." To complete an unlikely menage a quatre, Solidarity's Lech Walesa said, after thousands cheered Maggie in Gdansk, that h"very grateful that fate let me get to know such a fantastic Mrs. Prime Minister."

"Hungary's PM Sets Off Down Thatcher Path" was the headline in the Financial Times when Karoly Grosz allowed that Thatcher's restructuring of the British economy was of "outstanding significance" and expressed the hope that she would remain in office another ten years. In November, Pravda and Sotsialisticheskaya Industriya demonstrated a like passion. Both Soviet publications had harsh words for England's big, bad trade unions and praised Thatcher for shaking her nation out of its torpor. …