The New Alternative Press on Campus - Issues That Inflame

Article excerpt

A peek at the top stories of some of the conservative campus newspapers across the country shows a potpourri of peppery issues on the editorial plate.

Dartmouth Review: The lead article is a review of a controversial book, Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon, an account of how "self-serving anthropologists and obsessed scientists placed one of the Amazon basin's oldest tribes [the Yanomami] on the cusp of extinction."

Broadside Magazine: This North Carolina State publication carries an article defending the Boy Scouts of America, lauding the organization for teaching generations of boys about theocentrism and morality.

Cornell Review: One story responds to a report by the Gender Study Committee of the university's law school, acknowledging that the report deals with legitimate issues of sexual harassment but saying that the gender inequalities cited by the report can be largely explained not by discrimination but by sex differences.

Georgetown Academy: The newspaper takes aim at Georgetown University's new "speech code," seeing "censorship with a smile" in a recent revision of the Student Code of Conduct to outlaw speech that offends people on issues involving race, ethnicity, religion, feminism, and homosexuality. …