Ryland Homes Offers Built-In Home Security Systems

Article excerpt

Ryland Homes is meeting the demands of today's home buyers by providing the newest concept in home security systems at an affordable price.

According to Robert Meyn sales and marketing manager for Ryland Homes, purchasing a new home with an in-home security system is an important consideration for today's home buyers.

"We are responding to a definite market trend," said Meyn. "Whether our buyers are young families or empty-nesters, many of them are increasingly security-conscious. Ryland Homes is responding to their concerns with what is called the Total Home Safety System."

The Total Home Safety System is state-of-the-art for the home security industry because it is a wireless, fully supervised system with immediate response police dispatch, said Meyn.

This system provides homeowners with full perimeter protection, which monitors all doors and windows in the home. This comprehensive system also takes home protection to a new level which includes home safety. This additional protection provides safety from noxious gases, carbon dioxide and smoke.

"Most systems offered today are hard-wired systems, but the Total Home Safety System is wireless, which means that not only does it signal a. …