District 54 Looks to Equalize Foreign Language Program

Article excerpt

Byline: Shruti Date Daily Herald Staff Writer

The Schaumburg Township Elementary District 54 school board Thursday considered a proposal that would tweak foreign language instruction at the district's six junior high schools.

Over the past 16 months, the district's modern language task force has mapped out methods to improve foreign language instruction for junior high school students at various levels of foreign language proficiency.

The proposal also aims to standardize and improve the level of training teachers receive to tailor instruction for individual student needs.

"This would raise the bar so we would all be at the same level," said Ender-Salk School Principal Lillian Mosier, who serves as District 54's modern language coordinator. The task force researched current foreign language teaching methods, set objectives and developed several methods to improve instruction. The methods include:

- Teaching foreign language as the study of another language and its culture, which results in effective communication. The proposal emphasizes that students should learn to use it for real-life experiences. …