Lecture Will Look at Benefits of Online Instruction

Article excerpt

Byline: Andy Argyrakis

Could the era of classroom learning be coming to an end?

The situation may not be that extreme, but American colleges are opening up to the idea of enhancing courses with online content and, in some cases, conducting classes completely online.

Such is the case at Benedictine University, where students, staff and local residents can learn about online course instruction in a free lecture from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Friday in the presentation room of the Krasa Center, 5700 College Road in Lisle.

Burks Oakley, associate vice-president of academic affairs at the University of Illinois will present the lecture.

Oakley is visiting Benedictine thanks to funding from a Title III Strengthening Institutions Development Grant. He has been visiting Illinois academic institutions for several months helping implement some of the programs he established at the U of I.

"I'm always exploring ideas in which the Benedictine community can be more in tune with the online world," said Jonathan Lewis, director of part of the grant. "It was fitting that I learned of Dr. Oakley's work at U of I online, and the fact that he tours extensively to talk about online development made it clear to me that he would be a good person to address our campus on the issue."

The presentation likely will touch on the growing excitement about and experimentation with this technology and the marketing of how it can be successful. …