Village Gives Initial Nod to Commercial Vehicle Policy

Article excerpt

Byline: Larry Smith Daily Herald Staff Writer

Mount Prospect trustees have given preliminary approval to a draft of an ordinance that regulates parking of commercial vehicles in residential neighborhoods.

The ordinance is the result of many years of debate over whether the village's current codes are too restrictive for residents whose livelihoods depend on having a commercial vehicle at home.

Trustees on Tuesday approved the draft with some modifications. It will be sent to the village's zoning board of appeals for review.

If the zoning board approves the ordinance, then it would return to the village board for final passage.

Village staff members wrote the new ordinance based on work done by an ad hoc committee and comments from trustees during a June 4 meeting.

"We think we've come up with a set of parameters that will work with commercial vehicles," said William Cooney, community development director.

Under the proposed changes, one commercial vehicle could be parked on a residential lot. …