Firm Finds University Research Computes

Article excerpt

Software engineering research, which started at Warwick Manufacturing Group on the campus of Warwick University, is now benefiting the automotive industry.

It has led to the formation of a small company, Warwick Control Technologies, which is gaining international recognition through the commercialisation of the technology.

Richard McLaughlin, marketing director of the company, said its research had developed a controller area network system.

'It is a low-cost computer network developed originally for use in vehicles to monitor the communications between engine controls, gearbox and suspension controls and it is extensively used in the many production vehicles seen on the roads,' said Mr McLaughlin.

Among the automotive manufacturers using the system are BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volvo and Peugeot.

'But it is also used in industrial applications, in fact in any industry that utilises electronic control,' said Mr McLaughlin. 'The industries can be anything from agricultural machinery and lifts to medical equipment.'

The software programs costs about pounds 1,000 each and Jaguar are looking at them for system development and may use them 'to do quick on-road tests'. …