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The purpose of Endowment Fund Grants is to support programs developed by SLA Chapters, Divisions, or Committees that will further the scientific, literary, and educational purpose for which the Special Libraries Association is organized and operated. Funds may be given for publications, research projects, study grants, continuing education programs, public awareness activities, special studies and reports, or information dissemination efforts.

The SLA Endowment Fund Grants Committee Has Announced Two Grant Recipients

The Hudson Valley Chapter's project will create a template for evaluating and invigorating small and medium sized chapters within SLA. Activities will include a membership survey to establish a baseline portrait of the chapter members; analysis of the survey and focus groups input; development of a strategic plan for the Chapter; and reports to their members and SLA leadership. This is a fact-finding, solution-oriented project to ascertain the viability of small chapters, the "virtual role" and direction the Chapter should take to best meet the needs of its members, and provide a better understanding of the dynamics of a small chapter. The Chapter was awarded $7,000.

The Geography and Map Division's project will establish an Association-wide resource for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) awareness. SLA membership will benefit as a whole by increasing the understanding of the various applications of this new information technology as more libraries and information centers incorporate GIS into their patron service operations. As more information users become aware of the potential of GIS, information professionals will be called upon to assess, acquire, and access geospatial information. SLA annual conferences will be the venue for this project. The division was awarded $5,700.

The Much-Anticipated 2000 Edition of the SLA Annual Salary Survey is here!

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