It's a Different World for Lawmakers of 2025

Article excerpt

Changes in society are on a fast track--what will they mean for the year 2025?

Time to go back to the future. What does society look like in 2025? Flow is it different from today?


America is older and more diverse. The political arena largely comprises members from four different generations with different perspectives: the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Y Generation.

In addition to these generational distinctions, there are a few additional demographic trends that have changed the face of America in the year 2025. Immigration, not birth rate, is a predominant factor in U.S. population growth and change. Hispanics and Asians have accounted for seven of 10 immigrants in the last 25 years. More than 70 percent of all immigrants are concentrated in six states--California, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Texas.

Legislatures now generally reflect the diversity of the society at large. The total number of African American, Hispanic and Asian legislators continues to increase. In addition, the number of women legislators has increased. Given the aging of America, more retirees are serving in legislatures than in previous generations. Interethnic and racial politics influence the dynamics within some state legislatures.


A few metropolitan areas in the United States now contain more than 80 percent of the total population. They cross state borders, contain multiple cities and generally lack metro-wide governments. Most of the nation's income, taxes and economic growth are generated within these metro areas.

Manufacturing has declined in the United States. Although the number of jobs is growing, the number and relative importance of manufacturing jobs in the overall national economy continues a decline that has extended over the past 45 years.

International trade is very important, accounting for a significant percentage of economic growth. New international trade treaties and negotiations have led to the rewrite of existing federal, state and local laws and regulations affecting business ownership, real estate and securities. …