Agriprom Mat for Disease Control

Article excerpt

Byline: Farming Life Correspondent

THE recent unfortunate outbreak of 'Foot and Mouth Disease' has brought home the importance of disease control measures and the need for all precautions to be adhered to in the bid to keep our disease free status intact.

Farmers, all companies involved in food manufacture, marts, feed companies, research centres etc all need to disinfect all vehicles, handling facilities and footdipping should all be part of good farm practice in the prevention of disease spreading.

The implications of a disease outbreak in our farms could have a devastating long-term effect on the profitability of our agricultural industry.

So prevention is the most important part of our defence and when everyone involved in the industry gets focused on the need for disease free status, the long-term benefits will far outweigh the sort-term costs.

The Agriprom Disinfectant Mat for Disease Control.

Future Genetics in Banbridge have an ideal, easy to use and convenient solution for footdipping. The 'Agriprom disinfectant mats' are available in 3 sizes:

1. Large Agriprom disinfectant mat 180 x 90cm pounds 100.00 + VAT.

2. Medium Agriprom disinfectant mat 180 x 45cm pounds 60.00 +VAT.

3. Small Agriprom disinfectant mat 90 x 90cm pounds 60.00 + VAT.

Thomas Cromie stated that "The Agriprom disinfectant mat was the winner of the Leyland Cup for the best new product at RUAS 1998."


All mats consist of a 100% polyether foam core enclosed in a durable woven polypropylene outer. …