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Byline: Lucy Bell

Keith finds magic in ancient stones

SET in Stone is the first solo show for Coventry artist Keith Busby.

His paintings and drawings are on display at the Jane Powell art studio, Kenilworth, from March 6-17.

Keith, from Coundon, started painting 11 years ago. He is self-taught and uses watercolour and gouache, though recently he has begun using acrylic, oil and coloured pencils.

His paintings encompass a range of subjects, from wildlife, landscapes and portraits to more abstract themes.

"I have become inspired by stone circles, standing stones and other ancient monuments, purely for the mystery, fascination and admiration for such locations," Keith said.

"On August 11, 1999, I was fortunate to witness the total eclipse of the sun on the island of Alderney. It inspired me to explore more adventurous ideas."


Modern art display is children's choice

CHILDREN helped to choose some of the pictures in the latest showing of the Rugby Collection of Modern Art.

Their comments are illuminating and humorous - with a refreshing frankness.

"I think this picture is very rude - the lady didn't want her picture taken... she has just got out of a bath and is going to a party," said one, or of the painting View R by Paul Nash, "I like this painting - the colours are cool and peaceful." Or "If I was in this painting (of a giant Scots pine forest) I'd be scared."

The pupils of Bilton C of E Primary School obviously got a lot out of it - and so will visitors to the exhibition. …