`Seed Theory' Pyongyang's Latest Keyword

Article excerpt

First there was the ``new thinking,'' a catchphrase North Koreans adopted as one of their New Year's resolutions. Now there is the ``seed theory.''

North Korea has been conducting an all-out campaign to boost public acknowledgment of this theory since Tuesday, when the Rodong Sinmun, the official Workers' Party newspaper, ran a full-page editorial on its front page.

According to editorials of North Korean newspapers, the theory has already been the subject of two seminars in the North.

So what is the theory, and why all the emphasis at this particular time?

Originally introduced in 1973 as a ``culture theory'' by North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il, the ``seed'' in seed theory basically means the core of human activities, such as construction or revolution.

``Finding the nucleus of the project and using it as a bedrock for further development is what we mean by the seed theory,'' the Tuesday editorial said.

The seed theory is also similar to the much-debated ``new thinking,'' especially when it calls for ``a fundamental change in all arenas'' and ``abolition of all outdated things. …