Survey, Samples Needs, Attitudes of Gurnee Youths

Article excerpt

Byline: Bob Susnjara Daily Herald Staff Writer

Gurnee-area parents are about to learn more about their high school-age children.

Results of a survey designed to gauge the attitudes, behavior and social environment of teenagers are to be released March 19, first to Warren Township High School students and then their parents.

An organization in Warren Township and Gurnee called Healthy Communities-Healthy Youth - a concept created by the Minneapolis- based Search Institute - was behind the survey. Healthy Communities-Healthy Youth took its first steps toward the survey when it formed about two years ago.

Last fall, Warren High students were asked about 165 questions ranging from their drug or alcohol use to self-esteem and personal responsibility.

Questions came under headings such as social competencies, constructive use of time and youth reporting high-risk behavior. Search Institute's questions have been used in 213 cities and 25 states.

"We felt this was an important study of the needs, attitudes and behaviors of our youth," said Warren High Principal Philip Roffman, who discussed general aspects about the survey Friday with Gurnee Park District officials, a senior student from Warren and local church pastor. …