VOICE OF SCOTLAND; No Reward for Carers

Article excerpt

AS a carer of an elderly person for the last 11 years, the Government gives me a derisory pounds 40 a week Invalid Care Allowance.

To qualify, a minimum of 35 hours must be given each week, yet new fathers are to receive pounds 100 a week paternity allowance, no matter how much they are earning.

The Government should remember there are six million carers in Britain - that's six million votes. - Ms D. E. Connor, Rutherglen, Glasgow. Budget bid THE increases given to pensioners in last week's Budget seem generous, but they only make up for the previous years of ridiculously low increases (75p last year).

I would like to suggest that we should have a General Election every year and not four or five, so that we can enjoy the obvious benefits of a pre-election Budget every 12 months. - Jackson P. Robertson, Glasgow.

No shame I WORK in a charity shop and am disgusted at the number of shoplifters and drugged-up people who come in with no intention of buying anything.

We don't get paid for the work we do and are scared to speak as we get abuse that is at times frightening. How low are these people prepared to stoop? - Margaret McVeigh, Paisley.

Up in smoke I WAS amazed to read about the absolutely nonsensical idea of a teenager wishing to sue the makers of Zyban. This young man attempted to kill himself and I would suggest any resultant side-effects were self-inflicted.

I am in my mid-sixties and I smoked 30-40 cigarettes a day until I started the Zyban course in mid-September and I have not smoked one since that day. - Ken Macleod, Peebles.

Bill And Ben WE have been made aware of a Record article on November 16, 2000, concerning the creation of the well-known children's characters, "Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men".

This article was incorrect, since "Bill and Ben" - along with the other "Watch With Mother" characters - were created by Freda Lingstrom in the 1950s.

Indeed, the strength of the puppet characters created by Freda Lingstrom is amply demonstrated by the success of the new series of "Bill And Ben" currently being broadcast by the BBC. …