Where the Candidates Stand on the Issues

Article excerpt

On setting priorities

David Carlisle: Improve teacher pay, adopt executive teacher plan, enhance advanced placement program, increase middle school academic options and rigor; ensure freshman centers are well run.

Kathleen Baldwin: Constant evaluation and upgrading of quality in curriculum and technology. Aggressive plan to attract and retain excellent teachers.

Jeannette Clark: Opening of freshman campuses and replacement middle schools in 2003; strengthening and expanding curricular strategies to reduce number of students performing below state standards.

Jessica Johnson: Manage growth. Retain good teachers. Focus on meeting students' educational needs.

Jim Box: Provide space, teachers and other resources to handle growth; successful implementation of freshman centers; continue building strong ties with parents and other district residents.

Charles Maher: Improve projections on future space needs. Revisit technology plan to keep it competitive.

Leslie Zogheib: Handling growth, increasing diversity, having input in development of southwest Naperville.

Victoria Lynn: Increase student performance; provide compensation package and work environment to attract top teachers; determine realistic growth estimates.

Edward Harvey: Keep size and capacities of schools at levels that best suit children; provide incentive programs to keep teachers; keep class sizes at effective levels.

Jeff Davis: Continue exploring options for reducing expenses while improving education for all children; continue long-term facilities planning while maintaining balanced budget.

Randy Haap: Stop residential growth in southwest Naperville; devise appropriate plan to handle student "bubble" in 2004; improve communication with community; gain fiscal support from Naperville and state.

On dealing with enrollment growth

David Carlisle: Must work in concert with Aurora, Naperville, Bolingbrook to ensure problem isn't compounded over next decade. Involve parents at every level when planning new schools or attendance boundaries.

Kathleen Baldwin: Utmost importance to work with municipalities to stem tide of changing commercially zoned property to residential.

Jeannette Clark: Our long-range plan has us well-positioned to handle growth over next several years. We've done it in past in fiscally responsible manner.

Jessica Johnson: District has smart plan to handle growth. Freshman centers will provide smart transition for students to high school. Work with Naperville to control residential growth in its southwest area.

Jim Box: Freshman centers provide excellent mechanisms to deal with larger number of high school students. …