MARRIAGE TURMOIL TRAGEDY: Pregnant Mum Kills Son, 6, Then Tears Her Throat Apart with Saw; SCOTS COP DAD GOES HOME TO HORROR

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THE pregnant wife of a Scots cop ripped her throat open with a power-saw moments after poisoning her helpless six-year-old son.

Lucy-Anne MacMartin was found lying dead in a pool of blood as her husband Gary, 34, was on patrol just five miles away.

The lifeless body of her only son Sam was soon discovered in his upstairs bedroom.

It is understood she had given him a fatal overdose of tablets.

Her husband Gary MacMartin, from East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, had the tragic news broken to him by a senior officer where he works.

He raced to the gruesome scene but was held back by colleagues and ambulance crews who were already at the house trying to piece together the awful events.

Last night distraught Gary was with his father Dave, who works for the Inland Revenue, and mum Winnifred, at their home in Bury, Greater Manchester.

His brother, who said he had not spoken to Gary for around three years after a row, only found out about the terrible news when the Mirror traced him to a flat in West London.

David MacMartin, 41, told the Mirror last night: "Gary had been having problems with his marriage but I don't know what has happened to lead to this.

"He was still with Lucy-Anne but obviously something terrible has happened.

"I've spoken to my parents and they're very upset. They told me what has happened.

"Lucy-Anne is dead. I'm shocked - it's awful.

"I can't tell you what was wrong in their marriage - I'm the wrong person to ask.

"But who would have thought marriage problems would lead to this sort of tragedy?"

Police forensic experts and CID officers had the appalling task of securing the blood-splattered scene and piecing together the last moments in the lives of Mrs MacMartin and Sam.

The 33-year-old mum, a trainee nursery nurse, was eight-months pregnant with her second child, but despite the late stage of her pregnancy, medics were unable to save the life of the unborn baby.

It is believed the couple had been experiencing marriage difficulties in recent months.

Mrs MacMartin is understood to have been suffering from severe depression and had been receiving psychiatric help.

Distraught staff at little Sam's primary school in Longton, near Preston, Lancashire, yesterday led children in prayers for their dead playmate.

Longton Primary head teacher Michael Dickinson said: "The children were informed at assembly and prayers were said for all the family.

"Sam was a lovely, lively little boy. This tragedy has shocked our entire school community.

"Our thoughts are with Sam's family and friends at this sad time."

Police have confirmed they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the two deaths.

Detectives believe that Mrs MacMartin killed her son and then committed suicide with the electric saw while her husband was out at work.

Neighbours in the quiet village of Longton were devastated at the news. …