Vibrant Messages Psalms Inspire Batavia Artist's Imagination

Article excerpt

Byline: Gala M. Pierce Daily Herald Staff Writer

Her colors are bright and her images are flowing. While many of her paintings run vertical, some stretch over a horizon. And most are inspired by the Bible's Book of Psalms.

She incorporates Wassily Kandisky-like colors with a Georgia O'Keeffe-like exploration and a Marc Chagall-like wonderment.

See for yourself.

Alyce Van Acker of Batavia has her first solo show where she teaches, the Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles. "Outpourings and Ponderings" will be shown through April 12.

Van Acker, who has a bachelor of fine arts degree from Sienna Heights University and a master of arts from Northern Illinois University, has taught painting and drawing at the Fine Line, including a contemporary Japanese painting class recently.

She has been with the center for nearly 20 years, almost since its inception, when it was located in Geneva. Van Acker and Donald D'amico helped find the new location on St. Charles' northwest side.

In the exhibit, her work appears fresh, mostly from the layers of paint and partially from the synergy of bright colors that appear spring-like, invigorating to see as our spring approaches.

To achieve the transparent look in some of her paintings, "You use fluid acrylic paint and overlap layer over layer," Van Acker said. …