Careers: Try Not to Shoot Yourself in Foot; BACK TO BASICS... Interviews

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INADEQUATE preparation is the main way job hunters sabotage their chances at interviews, according to Jerry Weinger, chairman of career management organisation, Bernard Haldane Associates.

'Too many job hunters write wonderful CVs, and then blow it during the interview,' he says. 'I recently met someone who looked terrific on paper. But his first question during the interview was about salary. He was confrontational and insistent that he wouldn't accept an offer below a certain amount.

'Somebody as obnoxious as that wasn't going to get the job so the salary wasn't an issue.'

According to Jerry, there are a number of ways job hunters sabotage themselves during interviews:

Complaining about a previous employer. Criticising a former employer during a job interview indicates a serious attitude problem. Even if you hated your boss, discuss the positive aspects of the previous job.

Talking too much. Avoid long rambling responses during interviews. Ask your own questions to determine if the job is right for you, and listen carefully to the answers. …