Comfort Women Research Center to Be Created

Article excerpt

A civic group has decided to open a research center devoted to the ``comfort women'' issue as well as other war crimes against women.

A ``War and Women's Rights Center'' will be launched to collect historical material and conduct in-depth research on women-related war crimes, the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan said yesterday.

Set to open this fall, the center is expected to provide more concrete evidence of the sexual enslavement of Korean women by Japan during World War II, which was whitewashed in middle school history textbooks recently authorized by the Japanese government.

``We've decided to found the center as we felt a more systematic and direct approach is needed to inquire into the truth of the comfort women issue if we want to pressure the Japanese government for compensation,'' said Kim Yoon-ok, head of the council.

Various videos, pictures and related documents proving Japan's sexual enslavement of Korean and other Asian women will be stored on CD-ROM, for eternal preservation.

``We will focus on recording testimonies of former comfort women, who are living proof of Japan's wartime aggressions,'' she said. …