Japanese Foreign Minister Sends Letter to Han on Textbook Row

Article excerpt

Japanese Foreign Minister Yohei Kono yesterday sent a letter to his Korean counterpart Han Seung-soo, expressing his understanding over Koreans' furious reactions to the controversial revision of Japanese school textbooks, but a Foreign Ministry official said it fell short of Seoul's expectations for resolving the current diplomatic row.

The letter was sent to Han via Otohiko Endo, a Komeito Party member of the Diet, who came to Seoul for a three-day visit as the leader of a 250-member Japanese delegation taking part in an event, called the ``Wing of the Korea- Japan Friendship.''

The delegation came here aboard a chartered plane which landed here at 3 a.m. with the aim of supporting the joint hosting of the 2002 World Cup soccer finals and an early inauguration of shuttle flights between Seoul and Tokyo.

Kono was quoted as saying in the letter that he is well aware of Koreans' sentiment over the Japanese government's approval of eight history textbooks, including one authored by a group of right-wing scholars attempting to gloss over atrocities that imperialist Japan committed against the peoples of Korea and other Asian countries. …