Parents Say Class Size, Safety Top Concerns

Article excerpt

Byline: Dwayne T. Wong Daily Herald Staff Writer

Like they do with their children, parents are telling Des Plaines elementary school officials what is important.

Presidents of the parent-teacher organizations for the 11 Des Plaines Elementary District 62 schools are assigning priorities to comments parents made at coffee meetings throughout the school system.

The District 62 school board held 14 such meetings over the past several months, where about 200 parents commented. The district asked parents what it thinks are the most important issues facing the school system over the next five to 10 years.

"One real, general comment, is class size is a big concern of many people," said Becky Mazurek, president of the North School PTO.

Mazurek also said school safety and serving the needs of students in reading and math are among top concerns.

Throughout the current school year, the District 62 school board has worked to get the community involved in its activities. …