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American College of Chest Physicians' Educational Guide To Promote Lung Health in Children

Elementary school children can begin learning about lung health while having fun with a new online Educational Guide, produced by the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP). Designed to encourage health professionals and others to teach students about this important issue, the Educational Guide on Lung Health for Elementary School Children contains detailed lesson plans. The guide can be downloaded for free by visiting their Web site.

On-line Advice for Teenagers at "Click"

On-line advice on some of the most pressing issues teenagers face (self-esteem, perfectionism, competition, and stress) is now awaiting them through a free cyberseries, "Click," in which fictional teens deal with real-life situations. Presented by Life's Playbook Program and Verizon READS, the 20-week cyberseries will feature a new episode each Friday at 5 p.m. EST, with previous episodes archived and available at all times. Teachers will also be able to use "Click" in the classroom. Story-specific educational vignettes, accessible through hyperlinks in the story text, are available on everything from grammar and vocabulary to decision-making and reading comprehension. The site is also designed to foster reading among young people.

Educational Source From Eduequity, Inc., Helps Children Master Basic Skills gives parents and children access to the on-line educational software SkillsTutor[TM]. SkillsTutor[TM] offers online assessments and instruction to help learners in grades 6 and up master essential academic and work skills. …