Obituary - Nigel Clive: War Hero Dies at 83

Article excerpt

WAR hero Nigel Clive, who has died at the age of 83, won an MC for his exploits with the Greek resistance during the Second World War.

On December 19 1943 he was parachuted into Greece as British liaison officer to the SOE mission attached to the right-wing National Democratic Hellenic League.

His job was to report in detail the German order of battle in the region and in January 1944 he established a base in the village of Tseritsana.

From here he established a network of agents which gathered information on the German XXII Mountain Corps.

Using this intelligence, Clive worked out a pattern to the German convoys travelling along the Ioannina-Arta road and he and local guerrillas launched a series of ambushes, destroying vehicles and capturing prisoners.

By October 1944 the Germans were in full retreat.

Clive subsequently went to Athens where he was liaison officer to the Greek Government.


He returned to London in December 1944, but went back to Greece in March the following year, becoming the local MI6 head of station. …