Pair Promotes Nonviolence Message

Article excerpt

Byline: Janet Souter

Terry and Neil Angelotti of Elk Grove Village share more than a home, marriage and three children. They both have a deep commitment to the larger issues of nonviolence, legislative advocacy and linking people of different races and nationalities.

Every other week Terry spends a day in the city at the Archdiocese of Chicago's Peace and Justice office where she connects parishes of various ethnic and economic backgrounds so they may share liturgies, social activities and finances. Neil puts in nine-hour days at work, so he can care for their children on the day Terry is downtown.

When the people at St. Matthew's Catholic Church in Schaumburg asked Terry to assist in a capacity similar to the ministry she handles at the archdiocese office, she jumped right in. Along with three other parishes in the area, St. Matthew's is working to obtain affordable housing for the needy in the Northwest suburbs.

"The first step is education," Terry says. "We started to have worship services include those from other ethnic environments. And we challenged people to look at how we can welcome others with different backgrounds."

Neil also has his own agenda. He is a volunteer with St. Matthew's Youth Ministry Program and in conjunction with the peace and justice committee's nonviolence subcommittee, he helped plan an event called "Reach Out Against Violence." The group invited Heidi Johnson, a girl who attended Columbine High School at the time of the shootings. …