Korean Applicants for CFA on Sharp Rise the Number of Korean Applicants for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certificate Increased Sharply, the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) and Securities Sources Said Yesterday

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For the CFA qualifying exam, which will be conducted on June 3 in 74 countries worldwide, a total of 3,157 applicants signed up for the test in Seoul, representing an increase of 47.5 percent from last year's 2,141.

This marked the 3rd largest number of applicants from the Asia-Pacific region, following Singapore (4,801) and Hong Kong (6,580), and far more than Japan (1,916) and Taiwan (1,337).

The CFA exam, which takes a minimum of 3 years to be successfully completed, is known as highly challenging as it requires not only the applicant's comprehensive knowledge in financial accounting, economics and portfolio management, but also a proven track record in a related field which should be substantially supported by strong recommendations.

Although such qualifications were originally designed in principle for those who work in the U.S. banking and finance sector, obtaining a CFA certificate is gaining increased international importance as a large number of CFA holders are working actively in core businesses worldwide with a remarkable level of compensation. …