Korea, Mexico Agree to Expand IT Ties Korea and Mexico Yesterday Agreed to Expand Cooperation in Information Technology and Infrastructure Modernization Projects under Their ``Strategic Partnership'' Aimed at Bringing Asia and Central and South America Closer

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During the summit at Chong Wa Dae, President Kim Dae-jung and visiting Mexican President Vicente Fox agreed to let Korea's IT firms help an e- Mexico project, an extensive informatization effort, while encouraging Korean firms to play a bigger role in the modernization of oil refining and shipbuilding facilities in Mexico.

The two Presidents agreed that the two countries will lead the way for the establishment of constructive relations between Asia and the American hemisphere, press secretary Park Joon-young told reporters.

Fox asked President Kim to have Korean firms participate in the regional development project of Plan Puebula-Panama, an ambitious plan dedicated to developing Mexico and six other countries. Fox said employees of the participating Korean firms would be able to obtain entry visas within eight days after applications are made, relatively expedient by Mexican standards.

The Mexican President also called for Seoul's support in its bid for a nonpermanent seat at the United Nations Security Council for 2002-2003. …