Biz Leaders Propose Dialogue with Union to Avert Strike Representatives of the Nation's Major Economic Organizations Yesterday Joined Hands in Urging the Labor Unions to Stop Moves to Deploy the Envisioned General Strike This Month

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In a contingency meeting held at the Hotel Shilla, they warned that violent and illegal strikes would plunge many of the industrial sites into extreme chaos, thus dimming prospects for an economic recovery.

At the meeting were Kim Kak-choong, chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI), Park Yong-sung, chairman of the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Kim Jae-chol, chairman of the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), Kim Young-soo, president of the Korea Federation of Small Business (KFSB), and Kim Chang-seong, chairman of the Korean Federation of Employers (KFE).

They also called on the government to take strict punitive steps against possible unlawful labor activities.

``The government needs to take stern legal measures against the illegal labor movement,'' they said in a joint statement containing their stance on the national situation.

The statement went on to claim that some hard line labor unions have been resorting to illegal and even ultra-legal labor activity in defiance of the general people's wish toward industrial peace.

The general strike, if they are carried out, will seriously undermine the nation's external credit standing and hamper foreign investment as well as worsen the work environment, they said.

The business leaders proposed an open debate between the management and labor sides on the appropriateness of the envisaged general strike. …